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Areaman is a experimental ambient art rock project that began in the brain of

Paul Erlandson, for whom thoughts are like small wounds. 

It is music designed to be played by two people and a singing mannequin. 

It is music designed to pair with projections, both mental and physical


Instruments are suspended. Suspensions are instrumental. 

Drilled cymbals, bowed guitar, theremin, whispers, are all embraced and employed. 

Repetition is intrinsic. And also resisted. 

Noise and words. Noise with words. Noise instead of words. Noisy words.


It lives to be live. To be a visual experience. Equal parts earholes and eyeballs. 


In karaoke, singers are live and accompanied by canned music. 

In Areaman, the music is live, and accompanied by canned singers. 

It would not be inaccurate to call it: anti-karaoke. 


They say babies will stare at a face as rudely fashioned as a circle with two dots. Preferring this to non faces, or non humans. We are interested in a social experiment: given the choice to interact with a projected face that is looking at you, versus a flesh-n-blood face that is not looking at you, people will choose the former. 

Like staring at a TV for hours, while the people you love most are sitting three feet away from you. 


What are concerts anyway, but public experiments. 

With a soundtrack.

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